When you hear the words ‘special needs’ , what comes to mind initially? Is it someone in a wheelchair?  Down Syndrome?  Is it a particular person or just in general someone with a visible disability?


The term ‘Special Needs’ sits on a very broad spectrum. We can dissect the definition of ‘special’ all day, but in essence ‘special’ means extra-ordinary.  Over many years, we have become much more polite and dignified when addressing individuals with disabilities, however, I still feel there are people out in the world who have a narrow minded perception of what signifies someone with ‘special needs’.  Not all ‘needs’ are visible. It isn’t necessarily being confined to a wheelchair, wearing a brace of some kind, or having a physical deformity.


Clarifying this range of ‘special needs’ is what I would like to try and accomplish here. First things first, I haven’t yet, come across anyone who likes being stamped with a label of disability, disorder or syndrome.  It immediately signifies that there is something very different about you in comparison to the majority of society.  Your brain leads right to the thought of limitation and segregation.  But let me say, that’s just crap! But this is the mentality that society has embedded in us.  Challenged individuals have spent years trying to destroy this very thought and gaining ground with this has been a slow process.


Secondly, I would like point out that ‘special needs’ doesn’t particularly mean disability, disorder or syndrome. There are many people living their lives challenged by an illness that you cannot see.  They require ‘special’ care in their everyday lives to function and survive.  For example, someone living with Arthritis or Fibromyalgia.  This isn’t necessarily classified as a disability but it can become disabling.


There are many disorders and syndromes that are not being considered as ‘special needs’.   ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, ODD, CD, anxiety, depression, etc… Yet every single one of these diagnoses requires ‘special’ living needs in order for them to function and survive.  Now I have just listed a few examples, there are many, many more, but I think my point is pretty clear. Here, at myspeciallife.ca , we are open to all of these ‘needs’ listed and beyond.  Any challenge, struggle or rough patch in your life, in your child’s life, or even in a family or friends life,  we are here to support and offer a helping hand.


Every single person on this planet struggles with something at some point in their lives. Whether it be physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, psychological or relational.  Whether someone is labelled with a disability, disorder or syndrome, illness or disease, or just simply going through a rough patch in their life, humanity needs to come together as one common unit in kindness, understanding, acceptance and awareness so as we all may thrive!


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