7 Ways to Get In Touch With Nature

Our Earth is made up of energy.  Everything in life is made up of some type of energy. It surrounds us, engulfs us and becomes of a part of us.  We are a part of it. In a world driven by technology, we are absorbing its artificial energy everyday and taking us further away from the natural energy in which we thrive.  Being separated from the natural flow and rhythm of our world, throws our systems off balance opening a door to all kinds of ailments, physical and emotional.  So how do we reset ourselves?   How do we get back in touch with nature?


My son is practically addicted to his iPad.  He would never sleep or eat if I didn’t continually interrupt him on it.  The more he uses his electronics, the more he wants to.  It’s a never ending cycle.  My son gets very irritable the more time he spends on it.  So, I have placed limits on the usage of my children’s electronics and developed activities for us to get out into nature and reset ourselves.  Here are some suggestions…


Ever hear of Tree Hugging? Well, it’s as simple as it sounds. Go out into the yard, choose a tree, and hug it. Trees give off vibrations that can promote healing in our bodies.  These vibrations extend outward from the tree itself and down through its roots, passing through the ground.  So wrap your arms around a tree, and close your eyes. Focus on love and purity.  Imagine all of your troubles and frustrations leaving your body.  Try doing this bare foot as well, letting the vibrations that travel through the earth from the roots of the tree to resonate up into your toes.


Tree Hugging

Tree Hugging


Playing in the rain. Yes, that’s right, forget the umbrella and let the rain tickle your nose, moisten your hair and get squishy in between your toes. Find a puddle, jump into it and make the biggest splash you can make. Grab a leaf and watch how the rain runs off of it.  Dance a little.  Just enjoy the beauty of the weather and how it feels against your skin.


Playing In The Puddles

This is my son as a toddler, playing in the puddles after a rain.


Try rock balancing. It is a very meditative activity, feeling the energy all around you while you focus on the rocks balancing to each other. It clears the mind, calms the body, connects you with the earth and allows your body to experience healing.


Take a walk along the beach. Barefoot and peaceful. Walking along the beach, where the water is rolling up on the shore is such a soothing experience.  The rhythm of the water moving in and out from shore and the sound of the water as it tumbles over itself sends its vibrations up through your body.


Go fishing. There is a rhyme and a reason why avid fishermen get up before the crack of dawn and head out fishing. The sounds of the Earth are truly pure and natural.  Most people are still snuggled tight in their beds, so all is quiet.  It’s just you, sitting in the midst of all of natures beauty.  And it’s pretty incredible to feel  a fish wiggling around at the end of your line.  It’s such a  calming experience.


Bird Watching. Sounds boring, huh? Well, not exactly.  It is really amazing to sit out in the middle of nature, listening to the songs of the birds, watching how they move, and interact with each other.  It can be a great learning experience, identifying all the different types of birds, and also a great way to learn photography.


Go camping. That’s right! Pitch a tent, cook over an open fire and sleep  underneath the stars.  What better way to become one with nature than to live out in it.


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