Here is a short 2 minute 22 second video by Kerwin Rae called How To Help Someone With ADHD.


If you ever get a chance to visit Kerwin Rae’s website, you should.  He is mostly about helping people with their businesses, however, he speaks a whole lot about self improvement, understanding your place in this world and how to overcome stress and overwhelm.


In this short video clip, he explains ADHD in a nutshell. I hope this helps some of you understand your child a little better and offer you a different approach to helping them manage through their day.



In speaking with many parents who’s child suffers from ADHD, as well as being someone who has worked with ADHD children, I can honestly say that the struggle is real, and it is exhausting.  For some of you, it means getting phone calls from the school on a regular basis because of an outburst from your child.  And for most of you, it is the constant worry about how will your child ever function in society like this. Medication, today, is far more understood, effective and there are more choices that are specified to handle your unique child’s needs.  But not everyone is comfortable with administering medication to their child, so working with the child’s environment is key to helping them progress through life.


Kerwin Rae offers a simple solution to the dilemma of how to manage an ADHD child.  I have worked with many children through teaching dance, and have come across my fair share of ADHD children.  And what Mr. Rae is saying is something that I have known for years.  If you find that key element of interest in your child, and use it in everything they do, you will notice a huge difference for the better in your child’s behaviour and focus.


I truly hope you have found this video helpful and are one step closer to easing the stress in your lives.


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