In this world today, it seems very hard to raise children with only one income coming into the home.  It isn’t impossible, it’s just tricky.  Some of you wonder how single moms provide financially for their families in all the activities and events their children seem to be involved in. How are they doing it?  How do they buy groceries and pay all their bills?  If you are a parent who is wondering how you are going to provide for your family on your own, well, here’s a few ideas how…


Financial Assistance – Finances offered through government programs help single mothers provide for their children.  Helping them pay rent, their bills, and purchasing groceries through monthly allotted assistance.  Some of you know it as welfare or social assistance.


Utility Reduction Incentives – There are programs out there that provide discounts on your utilities helping reduce the monthly bill.  Applicants need to have an income under a target amount in order to qualify.  Some require yearly updates to their accounts to keep the incentives going, others do not.


Geared To Income Housing – There are housing projects that provide town houses, apartments and community living homes to families who earn under a target yearly income.  The monthly rent is based on a percentage of the families monthly income, keeping the costs at a ratio that is proportioned to their income, allowing the necessities of life to be affordable.


Children’s Recreation Programs – Many communities offer free periodic activities for children whose family cannot afford for them to attend a regular recreational activity.  There are also government programs offering to pay for lessons in 1 type of activity for a portion of the year.   Families need to qualify having an income under a target amount.


Free Recreational Activities

Free recreational Activities


Government Allowances – Another program the government offers involve allowances for purchases providing the necessities for children.  Allowances that pay for back to school supplies, winter outer wear, medical and dental expenses covered, as well as prescription drugs.


Second Hand Stores – Many single income families utilize second hand stores for purchasing items that they need to function.  This saves a ton of money for families, keeps them clothed, and provided for.


Second Hand Store Shopping

Second Hand Store Shopping


Social Media Parent Swap Groups – There are parent groups on some of the differing social media sites where parents can trade clothing and items that help each other out. Parents pair up with other parents to exchange items back and forth to keep providing what they need for each other.  For example, if your child out grows their clothing and another parent has a child who will fit in that clothing, they swap the clothing for another item the first parent needs.  It is a great way to get what you need without spending a dime!


Church Programs – Many churches have funds set aside for families who are in need, offering one time financial gifts.  Usually, the church will pay directly into the need for the family rather than handing them the money.  They sometimes cover utility costs, rent, groceries, car repairs, special medical expenses, etc…


Budget Programs  – Many single income families learn about how to budget their needs appropriately to spread their money through the month.  They have learned what a NEED is and what a WANT is.  They usually go without having certain luxuries that other families take for granted.


These are just a few of the ways that single families make it day by day in a world that demands a high financial standing.  Each community offers different incentives and programs to help families in need function.  There are also free seminars for those who want to learn how to survive on a budget, that families can take part in.  Hopefully, this has given you a few ideas in how you, or someone you know, can take the appropriate steps in providing for their families.


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